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We feed your teams happy; cooking up nourishing and sustainably-made meals to energise your employees throughout the day. Nothing boosts workplace culture like proper meals shared around the table.

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Our resources and insights

A-Z of sustainability terms in catering

Learn some of the most commonly used terms in sustainable catering.

Case Study: How we grew Netflix’s food programme

See how we worked with Netflix to provide a sustainable catering service during their rapid office growth.

Events That Pop: Insights into our event catering services

Discover catering for every occasion to keep your office social calendar exciting

Discover Delivered Catering: Insights into our 360° service

We offer everything food and drink related that a workplace would need.

Fuel Your Teams: Insights into our packed meal range

We’ll drop off the tastiest, healthiest and most sustainable food in compostable containers, straight to your office fridge.

Case Study: How we grew Intercom’s food programme

Take a closer look at how we adapted our services to meet Intercom's unique catering requirements.

Safe Workplaces Checklist

This checklist accompanies our guide. Work through it to make sure you’re ready to reopen.

Workplace Wins

Check out our tips on engaging teams virtually!

Workplace Culture Guide

Check out our 4-step plan for building a strong workplace culture. Make food the secret ingredient to happiness in your office.

Roadmap to Recovery

From packaged food to pop-ups to a full-fledged canteen, we’ve got a flexible offer to meet your workplace needs no matter what stage of recovery your business is in.

Shaping the Future

We’re looking forward to seeing how the future will unfold and how we can help shape the future of the workplace.

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