Why should companies in London embrace sustainable food practices?

Introduction Let’s get one thing straight. Embracing sustainable food practices is a social responsibility that lands on the shoulders of every business, whether based in Southwark or the Shetland Islands. However, companies in London are in a unique situation. ‘Why’s that?’ you may ask. London is a global city that is hugely influential around the […]

Good news! We’ve successfully achieved LHWA accreditation

We are delighted to announce that we’ve been awarded the London Healthy Workplace Award. It’s an accreditation scheme led by the Mayor of London, supported by Public Health England. This award means we have met a set of standards in supporting our employee’s health and wellbeing. Being part of this community of London employers means […]

The top snacks for 2021’s summer sports fiesta!

We’re already over halfway through 2021; where has the time gone? Safe to say, it’s been another strange year, but then again, who even remembers ‘normal’ anymore? Bringing back some sense of normality this summer is a return to the world’s most prestigious sporting events. There’s the UEFA European Football Championship, Wimbledon, The Olympics, Tour de […]

Volunteers Week: Reflections from the Fooditude Team

For Volunteer’s Week 2021, staff from Fooditude and Sodexo volunteered their time for Pembroke House, in South London. Here are some reflections from the team! A little bit about Pembroke House, Fooditude and Sodexo. Pembroke House has been based in Walworth since 1885, when students from Pembroke College, Cambridge took up residence in this neighbourhood […]

Get outside! The benefits of the outdoors for workplace wellness & productivity

Mental Health Awareness Week got us thinking about mindfulness. This years’ theme was all about connecting with nature as a way to support our mental health. Throughout the week, Fooditude’s HR department encouraged our team to go outside and do mindfulness activities. After completing these activities, we got back to our desks refreshed, calmer and […]

Allergy Awareness Week: Guest blog post from The Natasha Allergy Research Foundation

Earlier this year, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting with Nadim and Tanya Ednan-Laperouse, who founded The Natasha Allergy Research Foundation to campaign for positive change for those who suffer with allergic diseases, after they sadly lost their daughter Natasha to a severe allergic reaction. Fooditude will be working with them in the next few […]

International Women’s Day 2021: interview with Sam Vacciana

From challenge comes change. For International Women’s Day 2021 we caught up with Sam Vacciana, who is directly challenging the inequalities surrounding employability as the Director and Founder of Bermondsey Employment Skills and Training, otherwise known as BEST. Sam has really inspired Fooditude team throughout the pandemic with her commitment to supporting the Southwark community. […]