PRIDE SPECIAL: LGBTQIA+ owned food and drink brands

Ready to try exciting, new tastes? In the run-up to Pride, there are all sorts of limited edition foods and drinks on the market: from M&S’s controversial ‘Pride Sandwich’ to rainbow bagels, snacks, smoothies and lollies. Hell, some brands even add rainbows to their logos! But all these fun foodie options are not without controversy […]

How on-site food can energise your teams in the workplace. 

Employees’ energy levels dip and peak throughout their working day: sweeping this fact under the carpet will not make it go away. It’s about time we accept that we’re only human: nobody is capable of peak efficiency all of the time.   Modern workplaces require a wellness-centred approach that supports the energy cycles of their […]

Why your workplace canteen needs to embrace international cuisine

London: it’s a city where you’re spoilt for choice. Want Korean Fried Chicken delivered to your door in the middle of the night? No problem. Can you get sega wat stew with injera bread? Absolutely. And if you’re craving for a Philly cheesesteak sandwich served in a bánh mì bun – the city will provide […]

How can workplaces deal with allergies?

How workplace professionals and caterers manage allergens has a real impact on employees who live with allergies day-to-day. With so many people already feeling anxious in the workplace as things begin to reopen post-pandemic, allergy sufferers might feel an extra level of stress as they move from their controlled home environment to the office. Here […]

In review: SMARTBUILDINGS London 2021

The SMARTBUILDINGS2021 London conference was jam-packed with ideas and innovations. Never has the future of the workplace felt so cutting-edge. And who better to run the event than Worktech Academy? – the thought leaders on how we’ll be working tomorrow. As it turns out, those futuristic AI buildings only seen in sci-fi films are just […]

How to choose the perfect caterer for your lunch meeting

The lunch meeting is perfect for connecting with clients and collaborating with colleagues. It’s a way to spark open conversations around a specific project or defined challenge within the team. Shared meals help create a relaxed environment where people can let their guard down, participate and express what they really think.  But we’d be remiss […]

Why seasonal eating in the workplace is a must

“Made with seasonal and locally sourced ingredients” is music to the ears of any foodie. One mention will stir wholesome thoughts of a wicker basket full of hearty veg – fresh from the farm. Oh, the charm!  The UK is rapidly becoming a nation of mindful eaters. No wonder seasonal and locally sourced ingredients are […]